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The 10 Funniest Phobias From The Maury Povich Show

Knowing people who have severe phobias is like always having free tickets to your own personal comedy show. Whenever you're bored, you can simply expose them to their worst fears, sit back enjoy the freak show. Especially if you know people who have Barophobia. Those are people who fear gravity and you can have hours of fun jumping on them.
#10 The Crazy Cat Lady - And she is officially the only woman in America who isn't obsessed with cats and their "zany" behavior.
#9 The Woman Who Fears Balloons - I've always had a fear of balloons that have arms and legs. There's just something really unsettling about them.
#8 The Fear Of Jelllo - Isn't it amazing that jello and boobs jiggle the exact same way. Hmm...
#7 The Mustard And Bird Phobia - I've heard of people having a fear or ranch dressing, but who could hate mustard? You could put that stuff on an old shoe, eat it and it'd taste pretty damn good.
#6 Mom Is Afraid Of Water Bugs - To be honest, I really wasn't aware that these little bastards existed.
#5 Fear The Flowers - And wouldn't it be great if all women were afraid of flowers so we could stop wasting our hard-earned money on them.
#4 Woman Is Terrified Of Chickens - It probably started when she saw Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" video as a child.
#3 Mustache Man Is Afraid Of Peaches - And if someone would simply tell him that they feel exactly like a girl with breasts implants, I'm sure he could overcome his fear.
#2 Fear The Cotton Ball Man - I actually have a fear of Aaron Neville's Cotton commercial theme song from the 80's. Man, that really freaked me out as a kid.
#1 The Pickle Girl - There was a girl at our high school known as "The Pickle Girl" but she was known as that for a completely different reason.


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