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Honda USA Shows Some Personal Appreciation to its Facebook Fans

Honda Seen On Recently, Honda USA’s facebook page hit the one-millionth fan mark. To show its appreciation, the Japanese brand responded with some personal gestures that, unlike the look of some of its more recent models like the Civic, took some of its fans by surprise. Honda Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.usFor example, in response to a fan that mowed the Honda logo on his lawn, the Japanese company carved his name into the corporate headquarters next to the main entrance. Another fan that showed his love for Honda with a tattoo of the brand’s logo was surprise to find out that Honda's vice president of marketing got an airbrushed tattoo of his name and face. Finally, a fan that received a Honda haircut was emulated by a Honda associate who carved the fan's name in his hair. "We're honored to have one million Honda brand Facebook fans and we wanted to show our appreciation in a meaningful way," said Alicia Jones, social media strategist at Honda USA. "How many people do you know who would carve someone else's name into their hair? We're so fortunate to have amazing and dedicated Honda brand fans. And, that's the kind of commitment our associates have to our fans. We really do love them back," Jones added. This recent Honda action is in line with another Facebook campaign called “Honda Loves You Back”, which took place in 2010 on the popular social network website. This campaign included many freebies for Honda owners, such as parking at a Honda Center sporting event, car wash, lunch and even a back rub in Atlanta. Scroll down to see how Honda owners reacted to the “Honda Loves You Back” campaign.
Honda Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.usHonda Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.usHonda Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.usHonda Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.usHonda Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.usHonda Seen On ________________________________Honda Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.us_______________________________________


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