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Land Rover Ad Suggests you can get Away with Anything Inside an LR4

Land Rover vehicles are known for offering a high level of security to their occupants, but does that apply only to traffic accidents? Well, if we are to believe a new U.S. campaign for the LR4/Discovery SUV, the feeling of safety inspired by a Land Rover vehicle goes well beyond road accidents.Take for instance, the first commercial called “Pathological Liar”, where a man that lies as often as he breathes decides to confess the truth to his girlfriend. But he can only do this in the safety of his LR4, much like the police officer in the second ad, called “Dirty Cops.” The third one is a little older, but it belongs to the same campaign. We won't tell you anything more except it's called “Sword Collector”. Scroll down to see the all three adverts.
By Dan Mihalascu


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