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Awesom-o: Ford Builds Life-Size 2012 Explorer Replica from LEGO Bricks [with Video]

LogoExplorer Seen On We have seen LEGO bricks used to craft just about anything one can imagine but we never cease to be amazed when somebody goes over the top to construct a freakishly big design. Case in point, a full-size replica of Ford's 2012 Explorer built almost entirely from LEGO bricks, which was made to mark the beginning of a new long-term alliance between Ford and the LEGOLAND Florida theme park. Named the LEGOLAND Florida edition Explorer, the bright red SUV is the work of 22 designers who used more than 380,000 LEGO bricks for its construction. The plastic Explorer weighs in at a whopping 2,654 pounds (1,204 kg) and is supported by a 768-pound (348 kg) interior aluminum base. Following its debut today at Ford's Chicago plant, which produces the real-life Explorer, the LEGO version vehicle will be loaded onto a trailer with see-through sides so motorists can see it as it makes its way to the new 150-acre LEGOLAND Florida theme park just outside Orlando. The LEGOLAND Explorer will be featured at the Ford Driving School for children, which is one of the park's attractions. “Ford is excited to support the alliance between LEGOLAND Florida and the Southeast Ford dealers," said Tracy Magee, Ford Experiential Marketing manager. "The LEGOLAND Florida Explorer and the Ford Driving School attraction are great opportunities to showcase our products and safety messages to families and visitors in a unique way,” she added.
LogoExplorer Seen On
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