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10 Super Useful Online Tools

1. Totally Money

Why spend money to get your credit score when you can get it from Totally Money for free online?

Credit ratings are very important as this article in the Guardian proves.

This tool will give you your results in a matter of 2 minutes, offer you a list of mortgages that you are eligible for and will also teach you how to control your credit rating.

2. Pixlr

A handy tool for those who simply cannot get the hang of Photoshop and need something simpler to manipulate their pictures. For those who just want basic Instagram like picture editing, they have Pixlr-O-Matic. For slightly advanced users, there is Pixlr Editor. Pixlr Express is for mobile and smartphone users.

3. Google Dictionary

This is a Chrome extension that is useful to everyone. Have you ever found a word you didn’t know the meaning or pronunciation of while you were surfing the web? Enter Google Dictionary where you simply need to highlight the word and you will get a meaning through a pop up bubble. It is a no fuss tool for saving time.

4. Buffer

This is the best tool for those people who are active on most social media websites. Adding some organisation and consistency to your posts on Twitter and Facebook can make all the difference. With this tool, you are allowed to queue posts and schedule them for publishing at specific times. Scheduling becomes so much easier with Buffer which is also available for Android, IPhone and as an extension.

5. KISSmetrics

Google Analytics is a brilliant tool that allows you to find out how much traffic you are getting. However, KISSmetrics tells you what your traffic found most interesting on your site, where they spent their time, and why. In order to make good blogging decisions, you can use this tool to skyrocket on top of Google SEO ladder. They also have analysis tools so that you can measure the engagement of visitors over time.

6. EverNote

EverNote is an essential note taking app where almost every platform is supported and no matter which device you have, syncing is impeccable and easy. Also, their search ability is brilliant and nifty so that you can find the things you have written. If note taking is your everyday job, EverNote is a must-have tool for you.

7. Hemingway App

If you are a writer, it is best that you bookmark this tool. Hemingway App highlights long and complicated sentences that you have written so that editing is easier. It also highlights adverbs, suggests shorter words in place of confusing ones, and indicates passive voice. The best thing is that everything is colour coded and it also gives you a readability score in the end.

8. iDoneThis

Who doesn’t need an organising and tracking app these days? iDoneThis lets you track your team’s performance. Your team and you can fill up everything that’s been finished and gear up for the stuff that is still pending.

9. HipChat

Forget Skype and all those IM tools when you can use HipChat for keeping in touch with your team. You can create various chat rooms like announcement, support, et al, and have private chats with your team members. You can also create a sundry room to chat with your team in the morning and take attendance.

10. Read Later Fast 

With this extension, you can save important pages for offline reading whenever you are without internet support.

These are certain tools that must be bookmarked by everyone because they come in handy at convenient times.


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