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6 Reasons You Should Go on an Expedition Cruise

The continent of Antarctica is one of the most remote and exotic places on the planet. It’s one of the few places you can go that is completely unspoiled and undeveloped. The history of Antarctica is fascinating to study and many of the early expeditions were fraught with peril. Today, however, you can take your own expedition to the southernmost part of the globe on an Expedition Cruise. Let’s look at six reasons why you should take this cruise when you have a chance.

1. Antarctica is a Unique Destination

There is no other place like Antarctica. It contains a strange but beautiful landscapes that includes frozen mountains, magnificent glaciers and untamed wilderness. Visitors to this mostly uninhabited continent are inevitably struck with awe. Taking an expedition to Antarctica can be a life transforming adventure.

2. See Amazing Wildlife

While humans are sparse in Antarctica, there is quite a bit of distinctive wildlife. There are, of course, penguins , the species most commonly associated with this continent. On an Expedition cruise you are likely to see several types of penguin, such as Adelie, Chinstrap and Gentoo. In addition, you are likely to encounter majestic whales, all types of seabirds, seals and much more.

3. Experience Life Aboard Luxury Expedition Ships

It takes especially hardy and well built ships to navigate icy regions such as Antarctica. On an Expedition cruise, you will get to live aboard a ship that is especially made for the most rugged climates on earth. At the same time, these ships are made for comfort and luxury. Ships such as the Sea Explorer and Sea Spirit are able to safely traverse the iciest regions of the planet while keeping passengers comfortable.

4. Learn More About the Planet 

While Antarctica is a remote place to most people, it’s also essential when it comes to the  planet’s climate climate. Scientists venture to this continent to study topics such as climate change. By monitoring the oceans and glaciers of this region, it’s possible to better understand the planet as a whole. Traveling to this area will help to keep you informed about some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. The company that runs these cruises is committed to conducting valuable research and helping to preserve the environment.


5. Interact With Experienced Leaders

Poseidon Expedition cruises are led by highly experienced explorers, scientists and ship captains. While the typical cruise can be fun and entertaining, Expedition cruises are also highly educational and give passengers the chance to feel like real explorers themselves as they learn all about the regions that they are seeing. The ratio of staff to passengers on these cruises is one to ten, so there are many opportunities to talk to these experts.

6. Have a Chance to Explore Ashore

On an Expedition cruise, you are not confined to the ship. Passengers have the chance to explore the region on Zodiacs, inflatable crafts that navigate you to breathtaking places where you can hike and see this amazing landscapes such as tundras and ice fields up close.


♦ Lucy Rowe ♦


  1. I would love to do this despite the fact that I despise majority of the cruise ship industry. Finding the right company I would not hesitate to go on one of these trips.


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